Fleming Industrial Site


0.75 mi SW of I-385/US221 interchag.
Laurens, South Carolina 29360
Laurens County

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Property Description

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Physical Characteristics

Total Acreage
588.00 acres
Certified Property?
Palmetto Sites


Nearest Commercial Airport
Greenville-Spartanburg International
Nearest Interstate
Nearest Port

Utilities and Service

Diameter of Waste Water Main
10 in.
Diameter of Water Main
12 in.
Electric Provider
Duke Energy
Natural Gas Provider
Laurens Commission of Public Works
Sewer Service Provider
Laurens Commission of Public Works
Telecommunications Providers
Piedmont Rural Telephone Company, Inc.
Type of Sewer
Water Service Provider
Laurens Commission of Public Works

Property Files

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Due Diligence 1
Cultural Resource Identification Survey - Completed
Due Diligence 2
Boundary Survey - Not Completed
Due Diligence 3
Protected Species Assessment - Completed
Due Diligence 4
Report of Preliminary Geotechnical Exploration - Completed
Due Diligence 5
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment - Completed
Due Diligence 6
Wetlands Delineation - Completed
Due Diligence 7
Topgraphical Survey - Not Completed
Pricing Information
For Sale - Min: $10,000, Max: $11,000 per acre
Tax Map ID
382-00-00-001, 382-00-00-002, 382-00-00-003
No assigned zoning


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