Laurens County Development Corporation Seeks Community Input for New Economic Development Strategic Plan


LAURENS COUNTY, October 28, 2019—The Laurens County Development Corporation (LCDC) has contracted Avalanche Consulting, an Austin-based economic development strategy firm, to develop a new economic development strategic plan for Laurens County. The main goals of this strategic planning process are to continue the economic momentum that has been building in Laurens County, to identify target industry clusters that are best suited for the county’s assets, and to provide the LCDC guidance in increasing prosperity for all its residents.

As the LCDC begins the strategic planning process they are seeking input from residents in the community through an online survey. The survey opens on October 28, 2019 and closes on November 15, 2019. The LCDC asks that residents please share the survey with family, friends, colleagues, or any members of their networks within Laurens County. The survey can be found online at

The purpose of the community survey is to allow as many residents as possible the opportunity to share their vision for economic development in Laurens County and to provide feedback about the community’s current economy. The LCDC is looking for honest feedback from the entire community that will direct the strategic planning process in addressing the needs that are most important to Laurens County residents and workers. By conducting this survey, Avalanche Consulting will ensure that recommendations in the economic development strategic plan reflect the needs and vision of Laurens County residents and businesses.

The strategic planning process will include multiple phases and take approximately seven months to complete. During the strategic planning process Avalanche Consulting will conduct in-depth research and extensive community engagement, including interviews, focus groups, meetings with business and community leaders, and the previously mentioned community survey. For more information on the strategy and how to get involved, please visit

A link to the community survey can also be found here:

The Laurens County Development Corporation’s mission is to ensure that Laurens County continues to be a business-centered community which focuses on economic opportunities that result in a viable future for all County citizens. The Laurens County Development Corporation is committed to a future for Laurens County that includes jobs that pay well, jobs that allow families to grow and thrive, jobs that include good benefit packages. For more information please visit

Avalanche Consulting was established in 2005 in Austin, Texas by economic development strategist Amy Holloway. Avalanche guides client partners through economic analyses and development strategies—small towns and major metros, entire states, chambers of commerce, community foundations, and regional economic development corporations. Avalanche Consulting team members have over 100 years combined experience, and have served over 200 communities. For more information please visit



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