Meet The Laurens County Labor Market: Skilled and Ready to Work



Laurens County, South Carolina has a dynamic workforce of 587,000 and is made of people who are happy to live in the region. Nearly 72% of residents in Laurens County have a commute time of less than 30 minutes, which means they live, work, and play all in one place. Laurens County has several large employers that support the local population along with good schools and a vibrant community that make this part of Upstate South Carolina desirable.  

Laurens County keeps growing as more people discover it. Learn how the labor market moves this community forward and discover your ideal talent pool in South Carolina.

Laurens County is a Manufacturing Hub

More than 50% of residents in Laurens County work in manufacturing and several employers within this sector choose our region for their facilities. Laurens County is an automotive and advanced manufacturing hub and the leading county for high-tech manufacturing in South Carolina. 

Laurens County is home to many international companies from a variety of industries. Several global companies have operations in this area and are able to enter the American market with the help of the Laurens County labor force. Employers from Italy, Germany, France, Japan, and Canada are proud to have established and expanded their operations in our corner of South Carolina. 

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The Labor Force is Ready for Employers

Laurens County has a 13.22% underemployment rate, which means 73,917 workers are looking for full-time jobs that utilize their skills. By bringing your business to Laurens County, you can tap into the eager labor force that already has the expertise you need. When asked about commute willingness, 62.25% of residents said they would be willing to drive more than 30 minutes – or even more than an hour – for work. Your people will come to you.

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The Laurens County Labor Force is Skilled 

Not only is there a strong workforce looking for large employers in Laurens County, but there is also a pool of highly educated and qualified individuals who can lead your operations. 

Laurens County and the Upstate of South Carolina have one of the highest concentrations of engineers in the United States because of the existing employers and exceptional colleges nearby. Both the University of South Carolina and Clemson University are an hour away, along with several regional institutions. 

Students can prepare to support the Laurens County workforce as they approach their high school graduation dates. The Laurens County Future Scholarship gives recent grads a tuition-free path to complete their technical training so they can better meet the needs of local employers. 

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South Carolina is the Fastest-Growing State in the Country

Your talent pool is waiting for you in Laurens County, and if you can’t hire the perfect candidate today, you will likely find them tomorrow. South Carolina is the fastest-growing state in the nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau – beating out Florida with a 1.7% annual population growth rate, and with 78 people per day moving to the Upstate region.

People move to South Carolina, and Laurens County in particular, because of the lower population density. There is easy access to cities like Greenville, Charlotte, and Atlanta without the stress of living there or the high cost of living. Residents can relax and enjoy the convenience and comfort of living in a region they love.    

South Carolina is also one of only seven states where remote work continues to grow. Laurens County is an ideal choice for remote workers who can drive into the office a few times each week.  

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The Labor Force Will Support Your Expansion to Laurens County

Staffing is one of the biggest challenges of expanding a business and the residents of Laurens County, South Carolina, are here to help. You will find a strong workforce here that has the skills you need to expand into the region. From technical engineers to advanced manufacturers, the labor force is eager to work and passionate about their community. See why everyone keeps moving to Laurens County and why this business-centered region is so great.


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