Rural Infrastructure Authority Awards More Than $9 Million in Water and Sewer Grants


Twenty-five projects across the state to receive funding


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Building capacity in water, sewer and storm drainage infrastructure continues to be the focus of the S.C. Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA), as its Board of Directors recently approved more than $9 million in grant awards for 25 projects across South Carolina. More than half of the projects funded were in counties designated as Tier III and IV, which are considered to be less developed.

More than 23,000 residential customers and 2,000 businesses will benefit from the improvements, thereby strengthening the efforts to protect public health and the environment as well as support existing and new economic activities.

“This financial assistance is a direct investment in the future of South Carolina’s communities,” said Executive Director Bonnie Ammons. “By ensuring that residents have safe drinking water and a clean environment, we improve the quality of life and open the door to future opportunities.”

Whether assisting local utilities that are facing regulatory compliance requirements or funding projects to upgrade aging infrastructure in need of repair, replacement or greater capacity, the RIA is committed to supporting local efforts to improve water and sewer service to residents and businesses.

Grants are awarded through a competitive process that considers needs for improved public health, environmental protection, community sustainability and economic development. Applicants are required to match the RIA funding request. Applications are selected by the RIA Board based on criteria including: severity of the problem, expected impact and feasibility of the project.

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