In Laurens county, “business-centered” starts with a strategically centered locationless than 40 miles from Greenville, less than an hour and a half from Columbia, just 2 hours from Charlotte, 3 hours from Atlanta and only 4 hours from Chattanooga.

Multimodal options amplify location advantages with speed, convenience and exceptional cost-effectiveness, allowing your operation to build a supply chain with the precision and power to answer all your transit needs and profitability goals.

Omnidirectional highway ease: Immediate access to I-26 rolls out a northwest-southeast corridor that runs from the Great Lakes to Charleston, while I-385, a spur to I-85, connects to a premiere southeast-northwest corridor stretching from Montgomery, Alabama to Petersburg, Virginia, and providing a fast connection to both Atlanta and Charlotte. Two other swift-moving routes include U.S. Route 221 and South Carolina State Route 101, a preferred connection to manufacturing facilities in Spartanburg. Rapid routes and the availability of more 40 leading motor freight carriers insure on-time, on-budget highway delivery every time.

Best in class rail: A powerful link in the global network of the American giant G&W, the Carolina Piedmont Railroad runs 33 miles from East Greenville to Laurens providing Class III rail service for a range of commodities, from agricultural products, steel and scrap, pulp and paper to construction materials, minerals, plastics and more. In Laurens CPDR connects to CSX for Class I service stretching over 21,000 miles, from Florida to Canada, from the Eastern Seaboard to the Mississippi River. Also, just 47 miles north, Inland Port Greer’s intermodal Class I rail facilities expedite shipment to the Port of Charleston and to upstate markets and manufacturers such as BMW.

Ports that go deeper and wider in service: Post-Panamax? The Port of Charleston hit that target with ease, and has already embarked on a new dredging project. The Port’s full service capabilities range widely, from container to bulk to ro/ro to automotive. The average two-way truck turn is a mere 60 minutes, and the Port’s Supply Chain Authority is equally fast off the mark in helping your operation develop the highest level of efficiency in your supply chain. And just over 3 hours away, the Port of Savannah, the largest container port in North America, offers additional cost-effective options.

Anytime air convenience and connections: Once again, multiple choices mean major advantages, beginning with executive air travel options that include the Laurens County Airport and the Downtown Greenville Airport, offering two helipads and two runways, one over 5,000 feet. At the Greenville/Spartanburg International Airport, five major carriers provide domestic passenger service, while the airport has recently launched air cargo service to Germany. Also, Laurens’ close proximity to the major hubs of Charlotte and Atlanta is another assurance of the utmost flexibility in air travel and shipping.

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